Mining flavor from the vine
It was beautiful land, and it was working land. We wanted to make something beautiful from this land."
Diane Miller, Co-founder
Napa Valley Register, 1981


In 1981, Ron and Diane Miller and her mother, Lillian Disney, established Silverado Vineyards to make wines from the historic sites of their estate. For years, they had sold their fruit to neighboring wineries who were building global reputations for excellence. It was time, they decided, to create their own wines, their own expressions of the Napa Valley they loved and admired.

The winery takes its name from the historic vineyard which surrounds it. The vineyard borrowed its name from the abandoned mining town at the top of the Napa Valley. Here, over a century ago Robert Louis Stevenson stayed and wrote, “The beginning of vine planting is like the beginning of mining for precious metals: the winegrower also ‘prospects’.” Four generations of Millers are still ‘prospecting’ for wine, making something beautiful from the land under their care.


Diane and Ron Miller

Diane and Ron Miller guided their family winery and estate for 37 years.

Jon Emmerich

Jon is only the second lead winemaker in the history of Silverado Vineyards.

From our hands to yours

Sustainability drives every decision we make to ensure this winery and estate are here for generations of guests, neighbors and the Miller family to enjoy.

  • 100%

    of our six estate vineyards are certified Napa Green
  • more than 25%

    of the winery's energy needs are powered by the combination of solar and sustainability efforts in the winery’s operations
  • 290 acres

    of the estate are in their original state of oak woodland, coniferous forest and California chaparral