2014 - GEO & SOLO Cabernet Sauvignon Gift Set

This gift set includes our finest Cabernet Sauvignons from the 2014 vintage, the 2014 SOLO and 2014 GEO. 

Packaged in a Silverado Vineyards gift box.

GEO & SOLO Cabernet Sauvignon Gift Set
Vintage Notes A series of warm days and cool nights pushed Napa Valley’s vintners and growers across the annual harvest finish line by the third week of October. This year’s harvest will go down as one of the earliest ever in Napa Valley and it will also be noted for near-perfect weather throughout the growing season, resulting in a fairly abundant and very high-quality crop. In spite of the drought, vintners are using words like, “quality,” “depth of flavor” and “excellent” to describe their expectations for the 2014 vintage. Many are also using “good fortune” among the blessings they are counting in a season where Mother Nature threw a curveball.